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july 01.2013
Three decades, nine albums, thousands of miles and kilometers on the road, hundreds of shows on two different continents, many talented musicians and countless memories. Even though the band doesn’t play on regular basis anymore (current members live in three different countries on two different continents), we take every opportunity to get together. In November we will celebrate our 30th Anniversary and play a few shows in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany.  Come join us and bring your friends. Also, we appreciate old              photographs/videos from our shows in the past. Feel free to email them to us, or bring them to our shows in November.
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september 19.2011
Fragment's last release "The Way To Your Heart" and 2003 release "Meant To Be" are available for purchasing on cdbaby, itunes, amazon and more now. For more informations refer our music section or directly cdbaby web site at: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/fragment
august 26.2011
Our dobroist Henrich Novak and IBMA Mandolin Player of the Year Jesse Brock will be playing with Chris Stuart and Backcountry at the Didmarton Festival in England over Labor Day — along with Eric Uglum on guitar and Austin Ward on bass. 
august 22.2011
Our lead singer/bass player Jana Mougin joined Nedski and Mojo and played a few "Fragment" songs at the International Newgrass Festival in Bowling Green. 
august 22.2011
Fragment's banjo player Richard Cifersky was touring Europe with Jonathan Maness and Cauldron Mountain. Watch the video.
june 24.2011
Congratulations to our guitar player Ondra Kozák who was voted the #1 Guitar Player for the "All Star Band" at the 2011 Banjo Jamboree Festival in Czech Republic! 
june 3.2011
We proudly present a concert at which we will share the stage with DON RIGSBY (used to be a mandolin player of Lonesome River Band) and his current band The Midnight Call. The date: June 16. 2011, place: U Ocka, Karpatská 3, Bratislkava, SR, the show starts at 8.pm. The seets are limited so don't hesitate. Looking forward to see you there. See a poster here.
june 2.2011
Jana and little Sammy are in Slovakia. While grandma took care of little boy we played first two shows together after almost three and half years. We had definitely a blast and the magic was there again. Check out a little documentary from that weekend made by Richard at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ia0MHITQkRE
See more recent videos or older ones on our YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/FragmentVideos
november 23.
Two Fragment members - Richard (banjo) and Henrich (resonator guitar) joined The Chapmans (Jeremy, John and Jason) to play a concert in Slovakia on November 20. The concert was held in Richard's hometown of Pezinok to celebrate his 15 years in music. Third member of Fragment Ondra Kozak (guitar) was participating on the first half of the concert too.
september 22.
Our new recording has been completed! We recorded both in Europe and in the USA - in Studio Sabik in Slovakia (tracking engineer Peter Szabados) and in Dark Shadow Recording in Tennessee. Special thanks to Stephen Mougin for recording and mixing this "transcontinental" project.

september 10.
We created new Fragment YouTube Channel. Please, feel free to watch some videos from our past at: http://www.youtube.com/user/FragmentVideos. We are looking forward to your subscriptions and comments.

september 02.
The tracks that the boys recorded are in Nashville, now it's Jana's turn and then transfer back to Slovakia for finishing the rest of it. After that, return to Nashville for mixing and mastering. Lots of traffic but, God bless the internet!

august 25.
The guys headed to the studio to record the new demo CD.
july 26.
The boys from Fragment had all day long rehearsal in Bratislava,
workin' on new material. Exhausting. Consulting with Jana via Skype.
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